Efficiency in Pipe Performance

In all major industrial facilities including electrical power plants and in all major building facilities, pipe failures in the piping system of the facility are the main cause of reduction in availability, in energy generation and/or utilization and in the production efficiency of the operators. The mostly encountered pipe failures are because of;

  • Flue-gas side erosion, corrosion and deposit formation
  • Water / Steam side corrosion (also during shutdown)
  • Fatigue and corrosion fatigue driven by variable mechanical and thermal loads
  • Creep / Creep Fatigue in areas of high temperature

The researches showed that especially in industrial facilities including electrical power plants, a major portion of the losses in energy generation or its utilization is because of process chemistry. Therefore, the selection of the process chemistry in such systems from the beginning and then its optimization thereafter, assignment of operators with full responsibility and knowledge of what to do in emergency cases play an important role in the successful operation of these systems.

To get the facility or plant unit back on line and reduce or eliminate future forced outages due to pipe failure, it is extremely important to identify and correct the root cause. Experience shows that a comprehensive assessment is the most effective method of identifying the root cause of a failure. A pipe failure is usually a symptom of other problems. Therefore, in addition to evaluating the failure itself, all aspects of the facility or plant operation which may be leading to the failure should be investigated to fully understand the cause.

The primary intention of this consultation service is to help the facility or plant operators in identifying the root causes of commonly encountered pipe failures prevalent nowadays with the present status of the technology. Furthermore, this consultation service can be used to guide the plant operators in establishing proper operating conditions for reducing the susceptibility of the facility or plant to pipe failures.