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15 December 2017
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9 March 2018
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Unit Conversion Table / Mechanical Units

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Product No. UCT-MU-01

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Generated with Microsoft Windows XP, Version 2002, and Service Pack 3 which is compatible with and convertible to the succeeding versions.


This table converts the mechanical units between different measurements systems such as Imperial + USCS, Metric and SI which are mostly used today. Simply insert the value, you want to convert, into the white – colored input cell below after you select the units to be converted in the first column. Read the converted value from the bright yellow cell. The precision of the converted value can be selected by putting any value designated in the dropdown box which shows the number of digits after the decimal.

This document has been produced and prepared by the Author. The copyrights on the tables apply to the form and the content of the table, and as well as to the conversion manipulations of the units contained therein.

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