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30 March 2017
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Tube Failure Mechanisms in Heat Recovery Steam Generators

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In this document, the detailed description of the tube failure mechanisms mostly encountered in Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) are given in alphabetical order under  a certain format which standardizes the headlines of  the failure related topic. After the detailed description of each failure mechanism, sample failure pattern pictures being selected from different sources carefully and in color have been provided on the next page(s) for better identification of  tube failure mechanisms.

Additionally, the major category of each corrosion type and its relation to other corrosion types have been clearly identified for easy cross-reference and understanding of the corrosion mechanisms. It is intended that this document is used for the self consultation of the applicant by comparing his own failure pictures with the ones therein to find the root cause of the failure.

This document has been compiled and prepared by the Author. The reservation of the Author for copyrights are valid on the basis of laws and regulations currently in act on copyrights. It is a non-commercial document and therefore not for sale. If any objection comes from its originator to one of the figures, images or schematics used and referenced in this document, the specific page containing that object will be dropped down immediately from this document.

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