Technical Information / Determination of Fuel Heating Values

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30 March 2017
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15 December 2017
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Technical Information / Determination of Fuel Heating Values

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The present document shows in detail how to measure and calculate the lower and higher heating values of fuel with which we often come across in the assessment of combustion and boiler efficiencies, and in the energy saving studies of various equipment and systems in industrial applications and commercial buildings. The measurement of the higher heating value of the fuel is done by a Bomb Calorimeter under constant volume condition, and the lower heating value is calculated therefrom as shown in this document.

A Bomb Calorimeter (or an Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter) is used to measure the heat created by a sample of fuel or any substance burned under an oxygen atmosphere in a closed container, which is surrounded by water, under controlled conditions.  The temperature change of the water is used to calculate the heat of combustion reaction. The measurement result is called the Combustion -, Calorific – or BTU – value (more common in the USA).

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