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15 December 2017
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Technical Information / General Technical Data

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This document gives the general technical data which can be used in the calculations for the determination of combustion / boiler efficiencies and energy savings in industry / buildings. The main topics of the general technical data are:

  • Unit Conversion Table – Mechanical Units (Simplified)
  • Physical Characteristics of Combustion Fuels
  • Saturated Steam – Temperature Table
  • Saturated Steam – Pressure Table
  • Ideal Gas Properties at Low Pressure
  • Partial Pressure – Relative Humidity
  • Thermal Conductivity Coefficient
  • Emissivity Coefficient of Plane Surfaces
  • Fluid Properties for Heat Transfer Coefficients

This document has been produced and prepared by the Author. The copyrights on the tables apply to the form and the content of the table, and as well as to the conversion manipulations of the units contained therein.

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