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15 December 2017
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15 December 2017
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Russian Experience in the Installation of Heating and Cogeneration Plants

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At the beginning of 1990s when the liberalization started in Russia, in accordance with an agreement between German and Russian Governments, it has been decided to build about 50 cities at different regions of Russia for those soldiers returning from East Germany to Russia, with all infra- and upper structures using the financial credit provided by German Government.

Enka Construction and industry Company in which the Author was an employee in those years won five of such cities through tendering process and put them into operation after their construction, and at the end of their warranty durations handed them over to the Employer (Ministry of Defense). Being involved in all these activities, the Author worked as the project manager of Tschajkowskij (near to Ural Mountains / Siberian Zone) Heating Plant and Krasnodar (at Black Sea shore) Cogeneration Plant with the responsibility of installing and putting them into operation in the period 1993 – 1995.

The efforts exerted for the collection of required certificates and approvals, and for the registration processes necessary for the commercial operation of both plants, and time expanded to finalize the related procedures were almost close to efforts made and time spent as for the execution of the project itself.  Therefore, the Author wanted to guide the project managers and engineers by transmitting his experiences with this document in above topics gained during the installation of these projects in order to let them use in similar or other industrial projects.

This document has been produced and prepared by the Author. All copyrights are reserved by the Author.

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