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15 December 2017
Russian Experience in the Installation of Heating and Cogeneration Plants

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15 December 2017
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Modes of Operation in Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power) Plant

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This document provides information on different modes of operation used in Cogeneration Plants. It describes the conditions under which this type of plants operates with minimum, medium and maximum efficiency. In addition, modes of operation of the plant as isolated from or parallel with the electric grid are explained. Furthermore, it describes the conditions at which the priority for electricity generation or heat production is decisive, and how the operation is conducted as pertaining to these conditions.

During the summer months, especially for those Cogeneration Plants serving residential areas, the priority of plant operation is for electricity generation. In this case, the waste exhaust gases coming out from the gas turbine are released from the bypass chimney which in turn leads to low level of plant efficiency. In order to prevent this outcome, the addition of a heat accumulator to the system will result in the improvement of the plant efficiency. In this document, the modes of operation of a heat accumulator at charging and discharging phases of the heat are shown schematically.

This document was prepared in July 1996 and submitted to an energy – related congress as a paper on which the speech of the author was based. It is a non-commercial document and not for sale.

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