Energy Efficiency in Cogeneration / Energy Saving Methods

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30 March 2017
Energy Efficiency in Boilers / Energy Saving Methods

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30 March 2017
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Energy Efficiency in Cogeneration / Energy Saving Methods

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This document will describe the various systems and components of Cogeneration that are so important for everyday and industrial life; such as for the generation of electricity,  for heating,  or  for a process that leads to a product. Additionally, this document shows alternative methods of increasing the efficiency of the cogeneration systems. Furthermore, it  will establish an important tool for the Energy Managers to understand the basic definitions and data in estimating the efficiencies of the cogeneration systems.

This information will enable the Energy Managers, Plant Engineers and Consultants and those planning cogeneration projects to make important decisions about the system and performance related aspects for the selection of the optimum cogeneration system both in respect of arrangement / component configuration and overall system efficiency.

This document has been compiled and prepared by the Author. The reservation of the Author for copyrights are valid on the basis of laws and regulations currently in act on copyrights. It is a non-commercial document and therefore not for sale.

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