Energy Efficiency in Boilers / Energy Saving Methods

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30 March 2017
Energy Efficiency in Boilers / Combustion and Boiler Efficiencies

Free Resource

30 March 2017
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Energy Efficiency in Boilers / Combustion and Boiler Efficiencies

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The present document, being the second part of the series “Energy Efficiency in Boilers”, mainly focuses on the introduction to different fuel types, and elaborates in detail the peculiarities of their combustion and combustion control in boilers. Additionally, blowdown and its control in the boiler operation are described as important items in  the efficiency upgrading of boilers. Furthermore, the assessment of combustion and boiler efficiencies are studied in detail, and related efficiency calculations are done through different methods thereby showing the effect of different variables on efficiency.

Hence, having the necessary knowledge to control such variables,  the Energy Managers will decide more easily on whether or not to take any  action for further improvements and upgrading of the combustion and boiler systems  towards the achievement of more efficient boilers for fulfilling the expected requiements.

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