Energy Efficiency in Boilers / Combustion and Boiler Efficiencies

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30 March 2017
Technical Information / Determination of Fuel Heating Values

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30 March 2017
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Energy Efficiency in Boilers / Boiler Systems and Technologies

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The intent of this document, being the first part of the publication series, “Energy Efficiency in Boilers”, is to provide Energy Managers with necessary fundamental information to let them know the major characteristics of the different boiler systems and their technologies prevailing today. In doing this, the main emphasis has been put on the visual presentation of boiler systems and technologies with self explanatory images and figures selected from Literature for easy and better understanding.

This information will enable the Energy Managers to establish a strong basis for their future studies and assessments  in the field of Combustion and Boiler Efficiencies and Energy Saving Methods  as successive topics of the series “ Energy Efficiency in Boilers”.

This document has been compiled and prepared by the Author. The reservation of the Author for copyrights are valid on the basis of laws and regulations currently in act on copyrights. It is a non-commercial document and therefore not for sale. If any objection comes from its originator to one of the figures, images or schematics used and referenced in this document, the specific page containing that object will be dropped down immediately from this document.

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