Exchange & Return Conditions


Under what conditions does the replacement take place? Replacement of the products from the SELLER will be possible in the following situations. In order for change to be made, the following conditions must be met:
  1. Within at most 3 days from the date of delivery; upon receipt of the product after the download from the internet and the receipt of the product from the SELLER in an e-mail, the BUYER shall indicate if the product has one of the conditions in the following cases by reporting to the SELLER by a confirmation e-mail.
  • Order Error: The BUYER has placed an incorrect order for a product instead of his desired product.
  • Incorrect Product Delivery: the SELLER has sent another product to the BUYER instead of his desired product.
For both cases, the BUYER will return the SELLER’s delivery e-mail to the SELLER as evidence of the faulty case. Upon the review of the case, if evidence confirms it, the SELLER will send the new product to the BUYER by next e-mail to fulfill his requirement.

Unless the BUYER confirms that the above conditions are met in respect of order placement, the invoice and the encryption passwords of the products will not be sent to the BUYER.

  1. Within at most 7 days from the date of correct delivery; after the fulfillment of the conditions set forth in the above item and opening of downloaded files for use, the BUYER shall indicate if the product has any one of the conditions in the following cases by reporting to the SELLER by a Return Request Form.
Product Incorrect: Here are some possible mistakes:
  • The product cannot be opened with the encryption password given by the SELLER.
  • One or more of the files contained in the opened product or the subdirectories therein cannot be opened with the used password.
Other issues: Details will be given by the BUYER.

  1. Upon receipt of the Return Request Form and the product with the original e-mail of the SELLER, the SELLER will take corrective measures to avoid the deficiencies in the files and resent the product to the BUYER within 7 days as corrected. If the problem is not settled by corrective measures taken by the SELLER, the new product will be sent to the BUYER in the direction of his request within the same period.
  2. Other than these, the BUYER will report to the SELLER about the calculation and word errors on the calculation sheets after reaching the product contents. Such problems will not entitle the BUYER to return the product. However, the SELLER will review such requests and, when it deems necessary, process them to the relevant table and give them a new index number and send it to the BUYER and to all other preceeding BUYERS free of charge over the internet. The BUYER will insert and paste the incoming file into its own product that it has downloaded.


How many days is the return period?

  1. In general, purchased products may be requested by the SELLER within 15 days at the latest in the light of the above explanations.
What are the return conditions?

  1. Items to be returned in the sent items are given below. If any of these items are missing, the product will not be accepted for return.
  • Product invoice,
  • The downloaded product to be returned will be sent back with the original e-mail received by the BUYER without receiving its copy in accordance with the Copyright Protection Act. As set forth in the Sales Contract.
  1. After the receipt of the returned product and acceptance of the refund request, the return period of the refund price to the account of the BUYER is under control by its own bank. Refunds made to the credit card are reflected within 1 - 3 weeks at the latest and payments made by money order are reflected within 1 week at the latest.
How will the product be returned?

  1. Upon receipt of the approval of the SELLER on product return upon the complaint of the BUYER, the BUYER shall return the product together with the invoice via original e-mail. Confirmation on return shall be notified to the BUYER by telephone or mail. If the products coming to the SELLER are delivered according to the return conditions, the product amounts will be processed on the day the product reaches to the SELLER.