About Us

Energy is one of the important entries for economic and social development. Due the depletion of fossil fuel resources rapidly which meet a significant portion of world energy needs, and due the threatening of human life by increase in the greenhouse gas emissions and the destruction of the ozone layer therefor, depending on the rapid increase of energy consumption in the process of industrialization, the energy supply and its effective use became one of today's most important issues. For this reason, the countries are forced to issue and implement Energy Efficiency Laws and Regulations in the direction of increasing the effectiveness in the use of energy resources and energy in order to prevent energy wastes, decrease the burden of the energy cost on economy and protect the environment.

Energy efficiency is to be understood as; the prevention of wastage, the reduction of energy cost burden on economy, the protection of environment and natural resources, the improvement of energy efficiency, the utilization of renewable energy resources for producing electrical energy, the diversification of energy resources, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and assessment of waste products.

Our company is founded in order to give engineering and consulting services by its own published technical documents for the efficient and economical development of electrical power plants from planning up to commercial operation, and as well as for upgrading the energy efficiency of the industrial facilities including electrical power plants and commercial building facilities presently in operation. This is done by implementing and applying the Energy Efficiency Law and Regulations in effect, for the sole purpose of creating a substantial contribution to the national economy and global environment respectively; in terms of more efficient and economical industrial and building facilities accompanied by substantially reduced and more acceptable greenhouse gas emissions.